Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) looks to analyze the relationship between behavior and the environment. In applying the science of behavior analysis, we use evidence-based methods to increase and strengthen positive behaviors that create opportunities and independence for your child, and work to decrease behaviors that may be harmful or limiting.

As much as possible, your Aspire Behavioral Services team will embed goals within daily routines that support your child’s interests and motivations to make sure service delivery is as natural and fun as possible. Our therapy sessions are designed to appear and feel like play for your child.

Aspire Behavioral Services

Nevada Autism Diagnosis Services

In order to receive ABA services a medical diagnosis is needed. Aspire Behavioral Services partners with other diagnostic professionals to help assist with diagnostic assessments. Research shows that in order for ABA services to have the full impact desired, services need to be started as early as possible. Getting a diagnosis for your child can be challenging, but the good news is we are here to help!

Autism Treatment Services

Aspire Behavioral Services understands how overwhelming getting started with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services can be. Let us help you understand ABA basics and the process for initiating our services.

Ongoing Support Services

At Aspire Behavioral Services, we provide support to your family through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach. We prioritize collaboration across all of your family’s providers and various clinical and educational settings. We become a member of your family’s team of treatment professionals.